Group Sales and Pricing

How would you like to be featured in our store? Keep reading for group sales and pricing options. We have two options for group sales. When you work with us, you can choose one or both of them.

Option 1 – Managed Fundraiser

If your group members are paying for their own items, the managed fundraiser is a great way to take the hassle out of ordering your items.  Whidbey Tees will list your items in our online store to sell the products to your group individually. We’ll provide you a direct link to your product group similar to this: Whidbey Tees will process each order individually and either deliver orders to group coordinator or ship them, depending on the selection made by the purchaser at checkout.

Following the agreed upon sale period, the products will remain on the website for a perpetual duration and will be available for sale to the public unless the group coordinator requests removal.  The price will revert to full retail price of the item. (This is helpful if new people join your organization after your planned order period). During the specified order period, the items will be offered at a sale price which is a discount based on the assumption that multiple items will be ordered during the sale period.

Online Store with Royalty Payments

If artwork is the intellectual property of the customer, royalty payments will be paid by Whidbey Tees to customer at a rate of 20% of each sale made at the online store that contains the customer’s intellectual property excluding payments for shipping, if any.  Royalty payments are made on a monthly basis. If the intellectual property is trademarked or copy-written, Whidbey Tees will require a license from the customer to use the property.

Online Store with Fundraiser Payment

If artwork is the intellectual property of Whidbey Tees, a payment will be made to your organization at the end of the agreed upon sales period equating to 15% of each sale during the period from your product group.

Option 2 – Bulk Purchase Option

The customer will provide an order form with the number of items desired and payment for the items.  The prices of each item will be included on an estimate provided to the group coordinator. The customer can then sell the items for any price they choose.  A suggested sale price is included in the estimate to help group coordinators choose a suitable price.

If you’re ready to get started, send an email to with your artwork and ideas.

Screen Printing Pricing

The following are the standard prices for screen printing. All jobs are manually calculated based on the number of garments, complexity of the design, and amount of ink, supplies, and labor necessary to complete it. The following is simply to give you an idea of the cost of your print job.

Pricing is for one layer of standard (plastisol) ink in one placement. Total invoice price is made up of all of the following as applicable. Each color in the print on each side of the shirt counts as one color below, for example a two color front and two color back is 4 colors.

Sample Shirt Prices

Each order has unique properties to consider, but these may help in the decision making process of what to order.

2 color back, 1 color front 30 items plus sleeve print and international shipping – $16 each

Single color front and back $10

3 color front, full color back plus shipping $20

To place your job in our printing queue, a deposit is required.  The deposit is 50% of the total cost of the job.

WA Sales Tax is applied to all orders delivered within the state of Washington unless you can provide a re-seller permit or WAC 458-20-190 applies to your organization.

Standard orders are turned around in 1-3 weeks depending on the time of year and the amount of projects in the queue. Rush orders are orders received 48 hours or less prior to printing. A rush order charge of $75 or 10% of the order, whichever is greater is applied.


Whidbey Tees will not print on your garment or textile until you have approved the print colors, layout, and design. We will send you a digital mock-up showing how the final prints will look for your approval. It will be attached to an electronic invoice for your deposit. Payment of the deposit invoice shall serve as approval of the artwork mockup. Once approved, we will begin printing your order. If you are not satisfied with the digital mock-up or test prints, do not approve and we will work with you to make it right. No refunds will be given for printed materials that have a mock-up or test print approved by the client.

BYO – Bring Your Own Garments

We typically DO NOT allow customers to provide their own garments for printing. Screen printing does have its challenges and sometimes prints do not come out right or of the best quality. Waste is something that is accounted for when setting our normal pricing. If you would like to provide your own garments instead of using ours, you must provide an additional 10% of the number of garments in each size with the agreement that you may or may not get those back at the end of the transaction. This is to account for prints that do not meet our quality standards for delivery. If the additional garments are not wasted, they will be returned unprinted at the end with your order.