SubliGlaze Spray on Sublimation Coating

SubliGlaze Spray on Sublimation Coating

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Sublimate just about anything with this spray.  Our of the sublimation game, so liquidating equipment and supplies.  

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Sublimation Coating, SubliGlaze, 1 each, formally Digicoat

MSRP $27.45

Sublimation Coating, SubliGlaze Sublimation Coating, 1 each spray can
1 each, aerosol spray,

SubliGlaze sublimation coating replaces DigiCoat sublimation coating

polyester sublimation coating

Sublimation coating for metal, ceramics, glass, wood…. Allows you to offer different sublimation products. Dye sublimation coating, for wood, glass, metal and many other items. Do it yourself sublimation coatings. Sublimation coating for ceramics, sublimation coating for wood, sublimation coating for mugs, sublimation coating for aluminum, sublimation coating spray and liquids. Polyester sublimation coating. Dye Sublimation Ink Coating Ceramic Wood Metal Glass. Sublimation Coating for Cotton, Dye Sublimation polyester coating, Clear sublimation coating to make any metal, plastic, wood, ceramic product sublimation ready